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Why do some girls call themselves "CreampieCosplay"? What a horrible name. When I think of creampie, i think of porn. D:

They call themselves "CreampieCosplay" then in bio section, it says "professional slackers". What an unprofessional image they present.
Blogger Girl

How To Become a Top Cosplayer

Online Presence:
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • DeviantART
  • Your website
  • Your blog

Offline Presence:
  • Go to as many conventions as possible
  • Enter cosplay contests/ masquerades, win some awards, get officially noticed (Not just Hall Cosplay Awards)
  • Befriend con-organizers, head of Guess Relations, (they are the ones who will invite you as a Cosplay Guest)
  • Participate in panels
  • Give out Cosplay Cards (Cosplay Contact Cards, Cosplay Business Cards)
  • Make YouTube videos / vblogs, about your cosplay progress, thoughts on cosplay, etc
  • Advertise, promote yourself online and offline endlessly
  • Make excellent costumes, not crappy costumes. Never make crap.
  • Think about what you and your cosplay brand stand for. Think of some way to differentiate yourself from the thousands of cosplayers out there. (i.e. what makes your brand different)